Inspired Living

We seek a world in which everyone is proud to live in a beautifully designed and functional home.



Quality and Functional Design

Our mission is to create inspired living spaces through a purposeful approach to creative design for people who appreciate quality and functionality that make their lives easier every day.



Using Experience to Improve Tomorrow

Paul Leveck founded Urban Legend Developments in 2017 after spending 20 years in the land development and home building business keeping note of how the industry in general was slowly losing touch with rapidly changing consumer expectations.  With technology quickly altering our lives - the experiences we have, the retail choices available to us, how we interact & communicate with each other – the traditional process of buying a new home is quickly becoming an outdated and underwhelming experience.  With this understanding, Paul set out to leave his own mark on the community he cares deeply about doing something he is passionate about, and that is building beautifully designed and functional properties.



Shakespeare. Einstein. Da Vinci. The common thread that weaved these legendary figures into history was their inspirational passion for their craft. It is this same passion for our work, and an unwavering belief in our purpose, that drives us to deliver excellence and inspired living in every project we undertake.


The world is crowded, and competitive. Just like a recreational or professional sports league, it is those teams that have the strongest desire to win, and greatest talent, that end up coming out on top. And everyone likes winners, because winners deliver championship results.

Paul has brought together a group of like-minded people who appreciate the importance of pursuing your passions to live fulfilled lives. When you care passionately about your work, and you’re highly skilled at what you do, it shows in the results.

Each of the roles within Urban Legend are integrated with the others through a lean and efficient process to bring each project’s vision to reality.


Every new undertaking, or projects as we like to call them, starts with carefully selecting a piece of land which will be a desirable place to live. This can mean many different things to many different people, so in acquiring properties careful consideration is given to the people that will ultimately call that new project home. This is a highly visionary but critical process. We carefully consider design at this very early stage, and merge our creative vision with the economic realities of land development and the and logistical challenges of new home construction to ensure projects have the greatest opportunity for a successful outcome.

Creating a vision is a fun a rewarding process, and can invigorate, excite and motivate. But fulfilling a vision with success is downright hard work. It is an iterative process fraught with distractions and challenges. It is tiring, repetitive, sometimes boring, and definitely tedious. This is especially true with large, complex projects whose outcome is not completed for many years. It takes a deep unwavering commitment over long periods of time. We overcome the challenge of sustained effort by designing systems and processes that keep us disciplined and focused on the end goal – a complete and successful realization of our original vision.

We also recognize that a new home is not built in isolation, but within a community of other residents and their homes. From the beginning of time, humans have congregated together, first for survival, now for social and economic reasons. The emergence of urban lifestyle with its diversity of cultures and experiences captivates the creative in each of us and brings us together. But it can also cause conflict and discord if not done properly. Thoroughly thinking through problems, anticipating eventualities, and paying attention to the smallest details ultimately impacts the legacy that lives on in our projects long after we’ve built them. Given how conscientious we are about the legacy we are leaving behind in our projects, you could say that taking care of the details is right in our DNA, much like the importance of legacy is in our name.

Finally, we put ourselves in the shoes of our homeowners. Practically, we know they don’t care much about our internal systems, or the challenges we face in bringing complex projects to life – they have their own challenges, much like we all do in our own lives. Our homeowners care about knowing they will have a well-built home delivered to them on time, and the trust they’ve placed in us with their investment will not be forsaken. What this means to us is that we must pull all the different components of our business – land acquisition, planning, design, construction, finance, sales, marketing –together in a seamless customer experience that is carefully choreographed to be logical, meaningful, honest, and efficient to our homeowners. No fuss, no mess, just easy and comfortable


We strive to provide our customers with beautifully designed homes that are functional, immersive and unique. Knowing that the people living in our homes benefit from the care we put into our projects is our reward. Our focus on people and the betterment of our community is how our team satisfies our desire for life fulfillment and we hope that within the spaces we create, others are inspired to reach their own goals and live their own legendary lives.


Excel – surpass in accomplishment or achievement.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Like a professional athlete at the top of their game, our team continually hones their skills and talents with an earnest desire to give 110% day-in and day-out.  Only with this extreme focus will we achieve our goals for superior excellence in everything that we do

Work with us!
Are you passionate about fulfilling a vision for exceptional home ownership?!

We are always looking for exceptionally motivated and talented people to join our team. We don’t generally recruit for positions, but rather identify opportunities for mutual benefit through a common purpose. If you think your life’s purpose is to give back through creating inspiring homes, then we’d like to chat with you!

Invest with us!
Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. – Warren Buffett

We offer investment opportunities both at the project level and the individual unit level. We believe a sound real estate investment strategy always remains focused on Class A properties in prime locations with quality buildings. So, we only build quality developments in exceptional locations. If you share this investment philosophy, please visit our Contact Us page to reach out to us. Visit our page and reach out to us.

Partner with us!
Looking for like-minded businesses

We are humble enough to appreciate we cannot do this on our own, so we seek out to partner with only the best in the industry. If your passion and skill for your craft rises above all others, please visit our page to see if you fit within our select group of exceptional achievers. We look forward to chatting with you if you think your in common company.

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